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End of Tenancy Cleans

Cleaning a property at the end of a lease can involve many operations. We at ABI Services have broken the cost of that down.

- Property Clean

- Oven (+hob+hood)

- Appliances (some properties don’t have them)

- Carpet Cleaning (not all rooms are carpeted)

We will give a discount for end of tenancy cleans when you combine services.

Example: -

Property Clean* + Oven* (+hob+hood) = 5% Discount

Property Clean* + Carpet Cleaning* = 5% Discount

Property Clean* + Oven* (+hob+hood) + Carpet Cleaning* = 5% +5% = 10% Discount

Is the qualifying factor to obtain a discount. A maximum of 10% discount can be achieved.

Normal Terms and conditions, minimum charges still apply.